"Though we seem

 to be sleeping,

there is an inner

wakefulness that

directs the dream,

and that will

eventually startle us

back to the truth of

who we are."

~ Rumi

Psychotherapy, Counseling & Coaching 

      For Individuals, Couples & Groups    

Over 25 years experience helping people lead more fulfilling lives


My psychotherapy, counseling and coaching practice offers individuals and couples a safe and supportive environment  in which to:                   

  • work through their difficulties, transitions and challenges
  • deepen and improve relationships and communication
  • overcome negative energy patterns, cycles & conditioning 
  • deal effectively with their own emotions and those of  others

Clients go on to live more satisfying, successful, and peaceful lives, whether alone or in relationship ~ personally or professionally.

Informed by many years of experience, post-graduate training, and strong intuition, clients find our work together:

  • to be deeply effective and profoundly healing                
  • improves their self-esteem and sense of self
  • educational, inspirational and deeply liberating
  • enhances their creativity, self-expression and performance

Most importantly, my clients find the work to be life-transforming ~ full of promise, realized potential and positive energy. 

I offer you the knowledge and powerful tools with which to reclaim your own power, and appreciate the truth of who you really are.  Love yourself is more than just an adage; it becomes a deeply held conviction born of the knowledge gained, and it goes on to inform and gift the rest of your life & the people in it.

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Stress/Life Transition

  • Individual & Couples Counseling


  • Trauma & PTSD


  • Life/Professional Coaching

  • Grief/Bereavement

  • Divorce Recovery

  • Health & Wellness

  • EMDR/ Human Design


  • Career/Work Issues


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